You can only reach your goal if you have one. I will oversee your projects with knowledge, experience and the right methodology for you.

Each person and each project can only be understood on an individual basis. That’s why my work includes different approaches and coaching methods.

  • Systemic work using solution-oriented approaches
  • NLP
  • THE WORK™ of Byron Katie
  • Individual communication methods
  • Multidimensional constellations

Expert coaching advances you in many areas.

Job application coaching

Optimally prepare your job application with professional support – for everything from strategic analysis to cover letters and interviews.

Goals coaching

Let us develop your personal vision. What do you expect of yourself and your career? Formulate goals and develop actionable solutions with a capable partner at your side.

Conflict coaching

Discover critical patterns that must be overcome with the help of an outside perspective. You will arrive at solutions to your conflict with renewed energy and commitment.


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